Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Olympic Wi-Fi offers two types of Internet:

•    Wireless Internet Service
•    Nationwide Dial-up Access

How does our Wireless Internet Service work?

Signals using radio waves are transmitted from various antennas located in the area. These signals are received by the SM (Subscriber Module) installed at the customer location. The SM takes the wireless signal and converts it into a standard network cable which comes into the house for the customer Internet connection. The cable that comes into the house can be connected to a router, switch, or directly to the customer’s computer. The service is specific to that location and neighbors or friends will not be able to access this wireless signal with their laptops or wireless devices without your consent. The SM is configured to maintain a stable signal to provide a constant Internet connection.

At our office, or NOC (Network Operations Center), our software monitors the status and connectivity of all our wireless customers. Through our monitoring tools we are able to troubleshoot service issues as they arise, often before our customers realize it. If a customer notifies us of a service problem, we are able to connect to the SM and evaluate the status and condition of the Internet connection.

How can I get wireless Service? Is it available in my area?

Currently, our wireless service is available in the Sequim, WA, area only. To see if service is available at a specific address, schedule a FREE site test with our office. Our installers will then test for the best signal possible. Once a stable signal has been established, the installer will review the service packages available at that location. In most cases, the installation can be done right after the site test providing Internet access in just about an hour.

How does Dial-up service work?

Dial-up is an Internet connection using a phone line and modem. There are several factors which can affect connection speeds and network stability:

•    Quality of phone line to and within the house
•    Length (distance) of phone line connection
•    Occasional issues with modem compatibility. The max realized connection quality is 5.2 kbps which will
      translate into 56k.

How can I set-up Dial-up service?

Dial-up service can be set-up over the phone with a credit card in about 5 minutes. Customers, also, have the option of visiting our office.

What are the service costs?

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