Friday, June 23, 2017
Password error
Ok, so your connected to the mail system everything seems alright but you are receiving a password error message. Well this could be an issue with needing to unlock your email account. This is fairly simple first we need to know which Domain you have for your email.
If your email is then we know your domain is

Now we know how to tell what domain we have. With this information we will chose the corresponding domain below to unlock our account. "What is this and why do I need to do it?" you ask. Well it's simply a security measure an fortunately it only happens once if it happens at all.

Now that we understand lets resolve the issue by clicking on your domain below. You will be prompted to input your username (this is the stuff before the @ in your e-mail). Also you will need to type in your password. Then you will need to accept the TOS (terms of service) by typing in the 'Capcha' which is some annoying random letters squished together.  
Pop not active
While we strive to have all mail accounts active with POP enabled there are times when for some reason not everything comes together as it should. If you are unable to log in to your email using your client and you have done the 'Capcha'. Then the only remaining thing left for a problem would be, that the Pop service was not enabled on your account. To enable this log-in to the webmail interface ( for example you will need to log-in, once done click on settings in the top right

Then Click on Forwarding and POP/IMAP
Now you will "Enable POP for all mail" , then click Save changes below. Your mail account should work now. If not give our tech support a call.

As always if you need more assistance or are running into a problem you can give us a call

Sequim, WA: 360.681.7050

Pahrump, NV: 775.727.7339
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